Sun N1 System Manager 1.2 Command Line Reference Manual


This command discovers and adds new provisionable servers to be managed by the N1 System Manager.


See Chapter 2 in the Sun N1 System Manager Site Preparation Guide for details on setting up a new provisionable server for discovery.

Each hardware platform requires a minimum set of credentials to be discovered: ALOM-based systems require telnet; Sun Fire V20z and V40z servers require SSH, IPMI, and SNMP; Sun Fire X4000 series systems require SSH and IPMI; and the Sun Fire X2100 server requires IPMI.

Before a server can be discovered, the following conditions must be met:

You must specify the known authentication credentials for the provisionable server, the server must be in a factory-default state (Sun Fire V20z or V40z servers only), or the server must be configured with the default credentials used by the discovery process. See Setting Up Provisionable Servers in the Sun N1 System Manager Site Preparation Guide for the list of system-specific default credentials that the discovery process uses if you do not specify credentials.

The management network IP address for the provisionable server is configured and is network accessible by the N1 System Manager.