Sun N1 System Manager 1.3 Discovery and Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Access the N1 System Manager Command Line

The following procedure describes how to access the N1 System Manager command line (the n1sh shell) as a valid user from a remote system. You can also access the command line directly on the management server.

Before You Begin

During management server configuration, the superuser (root) account is set up with all the system default roles added to it (Admin, ReadOnly, and SecurityAdmin). If you want to log in as a valid user other than the superuser account, see To Add an N1 System Manager User.

  1. Log in to the management server from a remote system.

    $ ssh -l user-name management-server

    Where user-name is a valid N1 System Manager user, and management-server is the host name or IP address of the management server.

    You are prompted for a password.

  2. Type a password for the user account.

    The N1–ok> prompt is displayed and you are logged in with your default N1 System Manager role, unless you use the -r option to specify a role for login.

  3. If the N1–ok> prompt does not display, type the following command to access the command line:

    # /opt/sun/n1gc/bin/n1sh [-r role-name]

    The superuser (root) user account typically does not have its login configured to automatically log in to the n1sh shell.

  4. (Optional) To switch to a different N1 System Manager role that has been added to your user account, type the following command:

    N1-ok> set session role role

    See set session in Sun N1 System Manager 1.3 Command Line Reference Manual for details.