Sun N1 System Manager 1.3 Operating System Provisioning Guide

Viewing Diskless Client Profiles

To see a list of defined diskless client profiles, use the show os allcommand. Look in the Format column for diskless. To see more information about a specific profile, use the show os os-namecommand.

Example 4–6 Viewing Diskless Client Profiles

The following example illustrates how to view information about a diskless client OS profile. The first command lists all OS profiles on the management server. The second command shows additional information about one of the diskless OS profiles.

N1-ok> show os all
ID     Name                  Format        Type          Version
1      RedHatAS3u5           diskful       redhat        redhat-as3
2      Solaris10x86          diskful       solaris       solaris10x86
3      SusePro93             diskful       suse          suse-pro93
6      nfs                   diskless      redhat        nfs
5      image                 diskless      redhat        image
4      WS2k3Ent              diskful       windows       2003EE
7      SolarisX86            diskless      solaris       nfs
8      SolarisSparc          diskless      solaris       nfs
N1-ok> show os image
ID:            5
Name:          image
Format:        diskless
Type:          redhat
Version:       image
Kernel:        diskless/dl_kernel_image
Boot Image 1.: diskless/dl_initrd_image
Boot Image 2:  
Tftp Server :