Sun N1 System Manager 1.3 Operating System Provisioning Guide

Managing Diskless Clients

Managing diskless clients through the N1 System Manager product involves two main tasks: Uninstalling the diskless clients and viewing information about the associated OS profiles.

Uninstalling Diskless Clients

Uninstalling a diskless client removes the association between the client and a root file system. To uninstall a diskless client, use the unload server command. To unload a group of diskless clients, use the unload group command. For more information, see unload server in Sun N1 System Manager 1.3 Command Line Reference Manual and unload group in Sun N1 System Manager 1.3 Command Line Reference Manual.

Example 4–5 Uninstalling a Solaris Diskless Client

The following example uninstalls a Solaris diskless client.

N1-ok> unload server

Viewing Diskless Client Profiles

To see a list of defined diskless client profiles, use the show os allcommand. Look in the Format column for diskless. To see more information about a specific profile, use the show os os-namecommand.

Example 4–6 Viewing Diskless Client Profiles

The following example illustrates how to view information about a diskless client OS profile. The first command lists all OS profiles on the management server. The second command shows additional information about one of the diskless OS profiles.

N1-ok> show os all
ID     Name                  Format        Type          Version
1      RedHatAS3u5           diskful       redhat        redhat-as3
2      Solaris10x86          diskful       solaris       solaris10x86
3      SusePro93             diskful       suse          suse-pro93
6      nfs                   diskless      redhat        nfs
5      image                 diskless      redhat        image
4      WS2k3Ent              diskful       windows       2003EE
7      SolarisX86            diskless      solaris       nfs
8      SolarisSparc          diskless      solaris       nfs
N1-ok> show os image
ID:            5
Name:          image
Format:        diskless
Type:          redhat
Version:       image
Kernel:        diskless/dl_kernel_image
Boot Image 1.: diskless/dl_initrd_image
Boot Image 2:  
Tftp Server :