Sun N1 System Manager 1.3 Command Line Reference Manual

Special Characters in UNIX Command Mode

Depending on the shell you are using to run n1sh in UNIX command mode, some special characters may need to be escaped. For example, in the bash shell, quotation marks need to be escaped with the backslash character, like this:

$ n1sh set role MyRole description=\"Some Role that \\\"Paul\\\" made up\"

Or, you can use single quotation marks to escape double quotation marks:

$ n1sh set role MyRole description='"Some Role that \\"Paul\\" made up"'

See your specific shell's documentation for more information about escaping special characters.

In the n1sh shell mode, you do not have to escape special characters, so the same command described above would appear as follows:

N1-ok> set role MyRole description="Some Role that \"Paul\" made up"