Sun N1 System Manager 1.3 Troubleshooting Guide

Maximum Number of SNMP Connections has been Exceeded

If discovery fails, the target server has reached its maximum number of SNMP connections if the following is contained in the job output:

Error. The limit on the number of SNMP destinations has been exceeded.

The service processor of the Sun Fire V20z and V40z server has a limit of three SNMP destinations. To see the current SNMP destinations, perform the following steps:

  1. Log into the service processor using SSH.

  2. Run the following command:

    sp get snmp-destinations

The SNMP destinations appear in the output.

If there are three destinations for a V20z or a V40z, discovery will fail. The failure occurs because the N1 System Manager adds another snmp-destination to the service processor during discovery.

The SNMP destinations can be configured in a service processor by N1 System Manager or some other management software. You can delete entries from the SNMP destinations if you know that the SNMP destination entry is no longer needed. This would be the case if you discovered the target server using N1 System Manager on one management server and then decided to not use that management server without deleting the server. You can use the sp delete snmp-destination command on the service processor if you need to delete an entry. Use the delete command with caution because some other management software may need the entry for monitoring. A manageable server's SNMP destination is deleted, however, when the server is deleted from the N1 System Manager using the delete server command. It is best practice always to use the delete server command when removing a manageable server.