Sun N1 System Manager 1.3.1 What's New

Updates and Amendments to the Online Help

The online help has not been updated for this release of the N1 System Manager. This section details some minor additions to the functionality that is described in the online help, since these additions have not been made to the online help for this release.

The valid hardware model name in N1 System Manager for Sun Blade X8400 Server Module is X8400.

The valid hardware model names in N1 System Manager for the Sun Fire X4000 series servers are as follows:


Sun Fire X4100 M2 server


Sun Fire X4200 M2 server


Sun Fire X4600 M2 server


Sun Fire X4500 server

The provisioning of Sun Blade X8400 Server Modules is now possible. This is not detailed in the online help. See Chapter 3, Provisioning Sun Blade X8400 Server Modules in the Sun Blade 8000 Chassis for details.