Sun Enterprise 6500/5500/4500 Systems Reference Manual

Safety Precautions

For your protection, observe the following safety precautions when setting up your equipment:

To protect both yourself and the equipment, observe the following precautions:

Table 2-1 Safety Precautions




Wrist or foot strap 


Wear a conductive wrist strap or foot strap when handling printed circuit boards.  

ESD mat 


An approved ESD mat provides protection from static damage when used with a wrist strap or foot strap. The mat also cushions and protects small parts that are attached to printed circuit boards.  

Cover panels 

System damage and overheating 

Re-install all cabinet cover panels after performing any service work on the system.  

Card cage slot filler panels and load boards 

System damage and overheating 

Make sure all empty board slots have a filler panel installed. NOTE: You must use load boards instead of filler panels in the 16-slot Enterprise 6500 system card cage.