Sun Enterprise 6500/5500/4500 Systems Reference Manual

Resetting and Power Cycling the System from a Remote Console

It is possible to reset the system or cycle power from the remote console under these conditions:

Table 9-4 Remote Console Commands


Enter this sequence 

Remote power off/on  

<CR> <CR> <~> <Control-Shift-p>  

Remote system reset 

<CR> <CR> <~> <Control-Shift-r>  

Remote XIR (CPU) reset  

<CR> <CR> <~> <Control-Shift-x>  

Key: <CR> = ASCII 0d hexadecimal, <~> = ASCII 7e hexadecimal, <Control-Shift-p> = 10 hexadecimal, 

<Control-Shift-r> = 12 hexadecimal, <Control-Shift-x> = 18 hexadecimal.  

Note -

The remote console logic circuit continues to receive power even if you have commanded system power off.

The remote system reset command is useful for resetting the system under general conditions. The remote XIR reset command is used for software development and debugging.