Sun Enterprise 6500/5500/4500 Systems Reference Manual

I/O+ Boards

  1. Requirement-An I/O+ board must always be in slot 1. This is the only slot that allows access internally to the internal SCSI devices (tape and CD-ROM drives.)

  2. Install I/O+ boards at the rear of the system to facilitate I/O cable attachments.

  3. If you require additional slots, you may use those at the front of the card cage, preferably below the CPU/Memory+ boards.

  4. Maximum-Up to four graphics (UPA) cards are supported in a system.

  5. Requirement-The I/O+ board in slot 1 of any Enterprise server must be terminated because it connects to the media tray.

  6. An I/O+ board in a slot other than slot 1 does not require termination if no devices connect to the SCSI bus on that board.