TABLE 1-1 large spaceSelected System Controller Management Tasks

TABLE 1-2 large spaceSystem Indicator LED Functions

TABLE 2-1 large spacePower On/Standby Switch Description

TABLE 6-1 large spacePOST Configuration Parameters

TABLE 7-1 large spaceDiagnostic and Operating System Recovery Parameters

TABLE 8-1 large spaceSSH Server Attributes

TABLE 9-1 large spaceCOD License Information

TABLE 9-2 large space showcodusage Information

TABLE 9-3 large spaceObtaining COD Configuration and Event Information

TABLE 10-1 medium spaceCPU and Memory Agent ID Assignment

TABLE 10-2 medium spaceI/O Assembly Type and Number of Slots

TABLE 10-3 medium spaceNumber and Name of I/O Assemblies per System

TABLE 10-4 medium spaceI/O Controller Agent ID Assignments

TABLE 10-5 medium spaceIB_SSC Assembly PCI Device Mapping

TABLE 10-6 medium spaceSystem Fault Indicator States

TABLE 10-7 medium spaceBlacklisting Component Names

TABLE 10-8 medium spaceChecking Temperature Conditions Using the showenvironment Command

TABLE 12-1 medium spaceTypes of DR Operation

TABLE 12-2 medium spaceBoard Receptacle States

TABLE 12-3 medium spaceBoard Occupant States

TABLE 12-4 medium spaceBoard Conditions

TABLE 12-5 medium spaceComponent Occupant States

TABLE 12-6 medium spaceComponent Conditions

TABLE 12-7 medium spaceComponent Types

TABLE 12-8 medium spaceDR Board States from the System Controller (SC)

TABLE 12-9 medium space cfgadm -c Command Options

TABLE 12-10 small space cfgadm -x Command Options

TABLE 12-11 small spaceDiagnostic Levels

TABLE A-1 large spaceAlarm 3 Behavior