TABLE 2-1 small spaceComponents That Are Accessible From the Platform

TABLE 2-2 small spaceComponents That Are Accessible From a Domain

TABLE 2-3 small spaceBoard States

TABLE 2-4 small spaceStatus Field of the showboards Command

TABLE 2-5 small spaceValues for the Domain Status Column in showplatform and showdomain Command Output

TABLE 2-6 small spaceCommand Line Editing Capabilities

TABLE 2-7 small spaceKeystrokes that Recall Previously Typed Command Lines

TABLE 2-8 small spaceKeystrokes Used to Complete System Controller Commands

TABLE 3-1 small spaceSystem Controller Command Summary

TABLE 3-2 small spaceHeader Description for the connections Command

TABLE 3-3 small spaceTime Zone Abbreviations, Time Zone Name, and Offsets From Greenwich Mean Time

TABLE 3-4 small spaceDescription of the setkeyswitch Transition

TABLE 3-5 small spaceResults of Changing the Keyswitch From the Current Setting to a New Setting

TABLE 3-6 small space location Descriptions for a CPU/Memory Board

TABLE 3-7 small space location Descriptions for an I/O Assembly

TABLE 3-8 small spaceParameter Values for the setupdomain Command

TABLE 3-9 small space setupplatform Parameter Values

TABLE 3-10 small space setupplatform HostID/MAC Address Swap Parameter Prompts

TABLE 3-11 small spaceOutput Header Definitions for the showboards and the showboards -v Command

TABLE 3-12 small spaceCOD License Information

TABLE 3-13 small space showcodusage Resource Information

TABLE 3-14 small space showcodusage Domain Information

TABLE 3-15 small spaceParts for showenvironment -p part

TABLE 3-16 small space showenvironment Output Header Description