FIGURE 1-1 small spacePlatform and Domain Administration Views

FIGURE 1-2 small spacePlatform Agents Provide Access to Sun Fire Midrange System Controllers

FIGURE 1-3 small spaceMain Console Window Showing an Administrative Domain Containing Multiple Hosts

FIGURE 1-4 small spaceDetails View of a Sun Fire Midrange Platform With Multiple Hardware Domains

FIGURE 1-5 small spaceDetails Windows for Platform (Upper) and Hardware Domain (Lower)

FIGURE 1-6 small spaceChoices for Expanding or Uncompressing Icons

FIGURE 2-1 small spaceInstallation Process Flow

FIGURE 2-2 small spaceServer Host-Only Query Panel

FIGURE 2-3 small spacePlatform Administration Platform Configuration Panel

FIGURE 2-4 small spacePlatform Administration Domain Community Configuration Panel

FIGURE 2-5 small spacePlatform Administration Domain IP Configuration Panel

FIGURE 2-6 small spacePlatform Administration Domain Port Configuration Panel

FIGURE 2-7 small spacePlatform Administration Default Platform Port Panel

FIGURE 2-8 small spacePlatform Administration Generate Security Keys Panel

FIGURE 2-9 small spaceManage Jobs Panel

FIGURE 2-10 small spaceNew Task Panel

FIGURE 3-1 small spaceDetails Window for a Sun Fire Midrange Systems Platform Object

FIGURE 3-2 small spaceNode Tab in Create Object Window

FIGURE 3-3 small spaceComposite Tab With Sun Fire Midrange Systems

FIGURE 3-4 small spacePlatform Tables

FIGURE 3-5 small spaceAssign Panel

FIGURE 3-6 small spaceUnassign Panel

FIGURE 3-7 small spacePower Off Panel

FIGURE 3-8 small spaceTest Board Panel

FIGURE 3-9 small spaceSystem Controller Network Setup Panel

FIGURE 3-10 small spaceSetup Loghosts Panel

FIGURE 3-11 small spaceFRU Information Panel

FIGURE 3-12 small spaceAccess Control List Panel

FIGURE 3-13 small spaceDomain X Tables

FIGURE 3-14 small spaceModule Browser Window Domains Table

FIGURE 3-15 small spaceKeyswitch Panel

FIGURE 3-16 small spaceSetup Loghosts Panel

FIGURE 3-17 small spaceFRU Information Panel

FIGURE 3-18 small spacePlatform Details Window

FIGURE 3-19 small spaceHardware Tab

FIGURE 3-20 small spaceViews Pull-Down Menu

FIGURE 3-21 small spacePhysical View (Rear View of Sun Fire E4900 System)

FIGURE 3-22 small spaceLogical View

FIGURE 3-23 small spaceSearch Button in the Details Window Logical View

FIGURE 3-24 small spaceData Acquisition Table

FIGURE 4-1 small spaceDomain Details Window

FIGURE 4-2 small spaceConfig-Reader and Rules Icons

FIGURE 4-3 small spaceConfig-Reader Devices

FIGURE 4-4 small spaceSun Fire Midrange Systems Rules Tables

FIGURE 4-5 small spaceModule Manager Tab in the Details Window

FIGURE 4-6 small spaceDomain Physical View of Paroli Cards (Rear)

FIGURE 4-7 small spaceDomain Physical View of PCI+ Board (Rear)

FIGURE 5-1 small spaceDynamic Reconfiguration Features

FIGURE 5-2 small spaceDetach Confirmation Box

FIGURE 5-3 small spaceDisconnect Panel

FIGURE 5-4 small spaceUnconfigure Memory Panel

FIGURE 5-5 small spaceTest Board Panel

FIGURE 5-6 small spaceUnsuccessful Domain DR Operation in Show Status

FIGURE 5-7 small spaceSuccessful Domain DR Operation in Show Status