This book provides an overview of the system and presents a step-by-step description of common administration procedures. It explains how to configure and manage system controller firmware on the Sun Firetrademark family of entry-level midrange servers-the Sun Fire E2900 and the Sun Fire V1280/Netra 1280 systems. It explains how to remove and replace components and perform firmware upgrades. This book also contains information about security, troubleshooting, and a glossary of technical terms.

How This Book Is Organized

Chapter 1 describes the system controller, and explains board states, describes redundant system components, minimum system configurations, and reliability, serviceability, and availability.

Chapter 2 describes how to power on and set up the system for the first time.

Chapter 3 describes how to navigate within the system controller.

Chapter 4 explains system controller message logging.

Chapter 5 describes how to use the LOM from the Solaristrademark console.

Chapter 6 describes how to run the power-on self-test (POST).

Chapter 7 describes the automatic diagnosis and domain restoration features of the firmware.

Chapter 8 describes security guidelines.

Chapter 9 describes the Capacity on Demand (COD) option and how to allocate, activate, and monitor COD resources.

Chapter 10 describes troubleshooting information including LEDs, system faults, displaying diagnostic information, displaying system configuration information, disabling components (blacklisting), and mapping device path names to physical system devices.

Chapter 11 provides information on firmware updates, including how to update the flash PROMs, and the procedure for updating the system controller firmware.

Chapter 12 describes Dynamic Reconfiguration and the procedures you can use.

Using UNIX Commands

This book assumes you are experienced with the UNIX® Operating System. If you are not experienced with the UNIX operating system, see one or more of the following for this information:

Typographic Conventions





The names of commands, files, and directories; on-screen computer output

Edit your .login file.

Use ls -a to list all files.

% You have mail.


What you type, when contrasted with on-screen computer output

% su



Book titles, new words or terms, words to be emphasized



Command-line variable; replace with a real name or value

Read Chapter 6 in the User's Guide.

These are called class options.

You must be superuser to do this.


To delete a file, type rm filename.

Shell Prompts



C shell


C shell superuser


Bourne shell and Korn shell


Bourne shell and Korn shell superuser


LOM shell


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Sun Fire Entry-Level Midrange System Controller Command Reference Manual


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