JavaStation Client Software Guide

JavaStation Overview

The JavaStation network computer is a new type of computing device that provides application processing power but does not store software or data. The JavaStation computer relies on servers throughout the network for its boot information and software. The JavaStation environment is composed of several JavaStation clients and the server(s) that administer them. This figure shows a simple network configuration in which all the services required by JavaStation computers reside on a single server.

Figure 1-1 Sample Configuration of a JavaStation Network



  1. Internet or intranet

  2. Sun server with home directories, boot, NIS, DNS, web, and DHCP services

  3. JavaStation computers

The JavaStation computer's uniquely open software platform enables it to replace existing stateless devices, such as dumb terminals, and to bring high-performance computing to environments where it was not used before.

This chapter gives an overview of setting up a JavaStation network, addressing the following key topics: