JavaStation Client Software Guide

Text and Logo Progress Indicators

Some JavaStation computers display a combination of text and logos to indicate the progress of the boot sequence, as follows:

  1. Initialize boot devices - At power on, the JavaStation PROM initializes boot devices on the JavaStation computer. On the JavaStation screen, hardware and firmware information is displayed next to the Java Coffee Cup logo, as shown in the following figure.

    Figure 3-1 Initializing Boot Devices


    If any boot device initialization fails, an image similar to the following appears.

    Figure 3-2 Boot Device Initialization Failure


  2. Perform network communication - If a copy of JavaOS is stored in flash memory (available only on the tower model) and is valid, this copy of JavaOS initializes itself and executes the network communication required for the boot. If not, the JavaStation PROM executes the network communication. In either case, a new copy of JavaOS is downloaded from a network server. During this process, the JavaStation screen displays the logo in the following figure, the Sun logo, and the Java Coffee Cup logo.

    Figure 3-3 Network Communication


  3. Boot JavaOS - JavaOS takes 10-15 seconds to boot. If the booted copy of JavaOS was obtained from flash (and was not updated by the network), the JavaStation screen displays the background shown in the preceding figure. If the booted copy of JavaOS was downloaded from the network, the JavaStation screen displays a Coffee Cup "wallpaper" background.

  4. Log In - Once JavaOS has booted, the user login window is displayed.

    Figure 3-4 JavaStation Login Window