JavaStation Client Software Guide


Once the JavaOS software is invoked on the JavaStation computer, it can download the user application from an HTTP server on the network. This method of application delivery, called "dynamic loading," is distinct from static linking (see Chapter 6, Statically Linking an Application to the JavaOS Image ) in that the application is not bound to the JavaOS binary but is accessed by the JavaOS software after it boots.

An application that will be dynamically delivered must be bundled as an "application archive," which can be a Java archive (JAR) or zip file. The JavaOS software references the application archive by its URL, which enables the application archive to reside anywhere on the network accessible to the web server.

JavaOS Properties

To set up an application to be delivered dynamically, you must set one or more of the following JavaOS properties:

This chapter describes each property in detail and explains their possible settings. For complete instructions on setting JavaOS properties, see Chapter 4, JavaOS Properties .