JavaStation Client Software Guide

What You Must Configure

You must configure some or all of following features for JavaStation computers that will be operated in languages other than the default language, U.S. English.

Table 10-1 Localization Features



Configuration Procedure 

Mount Directories  

Contain the resources required by the JavaOS software to support alternate locales.  

"Setting Mount Directories "


Controls the language and font that appears in the user interface, help text, and error messages  

"To Change the Locale Setting "


Controls the mechanical input of each character when it is typed by the user  

"To Add a Localized Keyboard"


Controls the appearance of characters typed by the user  

"To Install and Configure Fonts"

Input Method  

Controls how the user composes characters; must be configured for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages only; requires a localized version of Solaris  

"To Set the Input Method"

File Encoding  

Controls the character set used in files that are saved and the default character set for web pages displayed in a browser 

"To Change the File Encoding Setting "

Document URL 

Provides access to documentation for the HotJava Browser running on the JavaStation (not applicable if another application is used).  

"Setting the HotJava Browser Document URL"