JavaStation Client Software Guide

Required DHCP Options

The following table lists the DHCP options required in dhcptab to boot JavaStation computers. The left column gives the option number as defined in the DHCP specification (RFC 2132), if it exists. The middle column gives the symbol name for the option in the Solaris implementation of DHCP (the name used in dhcptab). See "Sample dhcptab File " to see how these names are used.

Table 2-3 DHCP Options Required to Boot JavaStation Computers

DHCP Option Name (Number) 

Symbol Name in Solaris dhcptab File


N/A (This symbol is a DHCP field, not an option.) 


The IP address of the server with the initial boot file (either the booter or the JavaOS image). See Table 2-6 for more information.

IP Address Lease Time (51)  


The duration (in seconds) of the IP address lease. A value of -1 indicates an infinite lease. After this period of time has expired without being renewed, the JavaOS software shuts down the networking port.

Subnet Mask (1)  


The subnet mask. 

Domain Name Server (6)  


The IP addresses of one or more DNS servers. The JavaOS software queries additional DNS servers if the primary server fails to respond.  

DNS Domain Name (40)  


The DNS domain name. 

Root Path (17)  


The NFS-exported directory containing the JavaOS image. This option is used by the booter to locate the JavaOS binary and by the JavaOS software to locate a newer image to update the flash. This option is required if you are using the booter method or if flash update is enabled. See Table 2-6 for more information.

The options DHCP Message Type (53) and Server Identifier (54) are also required in every DHCP packet. However, these options are provided automatically by the DHCP server and do not need to be specified in dhcptab.