JavaStation Client Software Guide

Sample dhcptab File

The following sample dhcptab file supplies DHCP options to a variety of clients on a network. Some options are common to all clients. Other options are specific to clients attached to the server, to classes of JavaStation clients, or to specific JavaStation machines. Note that dhcptab can serve many different clients, not just JavaStation computers.

# /var/dhcp/dhcptab
# This file is a sample DHCP server configuration database for 
# JavaStation clients.
# Refer to dhcptab(4) for details. This table is generated by
# using the dhcpconfig(1M) command in conjunction with the
# dhtadm(1M) command. It can be administered with the dhtadm
# command.

# The following are symbol definitions for the Vendor-Specific 
# Options. Symbol definitions are used to create dhcptab macros.
# Refer to the dhcptab(4) man page for symbol definition syntax and
# instructions on creating macros. 

# JOScmd1-4 are for JavaOS properties, JOSchksm is for the 
# JavaOS checksum, and JSBproto is for the JavaOS boot protocol. 

JOScmd1				s		Vendor=SUNW.JSIIep SUNW.JDM1,101,ASCII,1,0
JOScmd2				s 		Vendor=SUNW.JSIIep SUNW.JDM1,102,ASCII,1,0
JOScmd3				s 		Vendor=SUNW.JSIIep SUNW.JDM1,103,ASCII,1,0
JOScmd4				s 		Vendor=SUNW.JSIIep SUNW.JDM1,104,ASCII,1,0

JOSchksm 				s 		Vendor=SUNW.JSIIep,128,NUMBER,4,1

JSBproto				s		Vendor=SUNW.JSIIep,129,ASCII,1,0

# Standard macros generated when configured with dhcpconfig(1M). # The first is the time offset from GMT (UTC) time, the second
# applies to all clients serviced by this server, and the third
# applies to all clients attached to one of the nets attached to
# the server.

Locale			m 	:UTCoffst=-25200:

gibson			m 	:Include=Locale:Timeserv=\
				:DNSserv=\						m 		:Broadcst=\

# These are macros used to configure specific classes of clients. 
# In this case the JavaStation tower and brick models respectively.

SUNW.JSIIep						m 		:Rootpath="/export/root/javaos/JSIIep":\

SUNW.JDM1				m 			:Rootpath="/export/root/javaos/JDM1":\

# The macros below contain individual DHCP options for the two
# JavaStation computers whose client ID's (derived from the
# Ethernet address) match the keys. Here each JavaStation gets 
# its boot image from a boot server other than the DHCP server. 
# The first JavaStation uses NFS to directly download the 
# JavaOS image. The second JavaStation computer gets a different
# properties file as well as empty vendor options that override
# any previous default definitions.

0800208E0668						m 			:BootSrvA=\

08002087BED4						m 			:BootSrvA=\