TABLE 1-1 small spaceNetra CT Server Software for System Administrators

TABLE 2-1 small spaceFRU ID Information Specified Using the setfru Command

TABLE 2-2 small spaceNetra CT Server Functional Configurations

TABLE 2-3 small spaceFRU ID Information Displayed Using the showfru Command

TABLE 2-4 small spaceDisplaying Platform and CPU Board Information

TABLE 2-5 small spaceSolaris Packages for the MOH Application

TABLE 2-6 small spacectmgx Options

TABLE 2-7 small spacepmsd slotrndaddressadd Parameters

TABLE 3-1 small spaceAlarm Card Command-Line Interface Commands

TABLE 3-2 small spaceAlarm Card Flash Options

TABLE 3-3 small spaceAlarm Card CLI Console-Related Commands

TABLE 3-4 small spaceCPU Board Console-Related Escape Character Sequences

TABLE 3-5 small spaceSystem Status Panel LEDs for the Netra CT 810 Server

TABLE 3-6 small spaceSystem Status Panel LEDs for the Netra CT 410 Server

TABLE 3-7 small spaceCompactPCI Board LED States and Meanings

TABLE 3-8 small spaceMeanings of Power and Okay to Remove LEDs

TABLE 3-9 small spaceMeanings of Power and Fault LEDs

TABLE 3-10 small spaceNetra CT System Hot-Swap Modes