TABLE 1-1 small spaceSummary of Diagnostic Tools

TABLE 2-1 small spaceOpenBoot Configuration Variables

TABLE 2-2 small spaceKeywords for the test-args OpenBoot Configuration Variable

TABLE 2-3 small spaceDiagnostic Tool Availability

TABLE 2-4 small spaceFRU Coverage of Fault-Isolating Tools

TABLE 2-5 small spaceFRUs Not Directly Isolated by Fault-Isolating Tools

TABLE 2-6 small spaceWhat ALOM Monitors

TABLE 2-7 small spaceFRU Coverage of System-Exercising Tools

TABLE 2-8 small spaceFRUs Not Directly Isolated by System-Exercising Tools

TABLE 2-9 small spaceLogical and Physical Memory Banks in a Netra 440 Server

TABLE 2-10 small spaceOpenBoot Diagnostics Menu Tests

TABLE 2-11 small spaceOpenBoot Diagnostics Test Menu Commands

TABLE 2-12 small spaceI 2 C Bus Devices in a Netra 440 Server

TABLE 2-13 small spaceAbbreviations or Acronyms in Diagnostic Output

TABLE 4-1 small spaceUsing Solaris System Information Commands

TABLE 4-2 small spaceUsing OpenBoot Information Commands

TABLE 5-1 small spaceUseful SunVTS Tests to Run on a Netra 440 Server

TABLE 6-1 small spaceOpenBoot Configuration Variable Settings to Enable Automatic System Recovery