TABLE 2-1 small spaceServer Security Configuration Checklist

TABLE 2-2 small spaceSSH Server Attributes

TABLE 3-1 small spaceDHCP Default Contents for ALOM Configuration Variables

TABLE 3-2 small spaceSignal Translation Between RJ-45 and DB-25 Connectors

TABLE 3-3 small spaceSignal Description of an RJ-45 Connector

TABLE 3-4 small spaceSignal Description of a DB-25 Female Connector

TABLE 3-5 small spaceEthernet Variables by Function

TABLE 5-1 small spaceList of ALOM Shell Commands by Function

TABLE 5-2 small spacebootmode Options

TABLE 5-3 small spacebreak Command Options

TABLE 5-4 small spaceconsolehistory Command Options

TABLE 5-5 small spacedumpconfig Command Options

TABLE 5-6 small spaceflashupdate Command Options

TABLE 5-7 small spacepoweroff Command Options

TABLE 5-8 small spacepoweron FRU Values

TABLE 5-9 small spaceremovefru FRU Values

TABLE 5-10 small spacereset Command Options

TABLE 5-11 small spacerestartssh Command Options

TABLE 5-12 small spacerestoreconfig Command Options

TABLE 5-13 small spacerestoreconfig Interactive Prompts

TABLE 5-14 small spacesetdate Command Options

TABLE 5-15 small spacesetdefaults Command Options

TABLE 5-16 small spacesetkeyswitch Command Options

TABLE 5-17 small spacesetsc Reboot Warning

TABLE 5-18 small spaceshowfru Command Options

TABLE 5-19 small spaceshowlogs Command Options

TABLE 5-20 small spaceshowsc Command Options

TABLE 5-21 small spacessh-keygen Command Options

TABLE 5-22 small spaceuserperm Permission Levels

TABLE 6-1 small spaceif_connection Options

TABLE 6-2 small spaceif_network Tasks

TABLE 6-3 small spacemgt_mailalert Tasks

TABLE 6-4 small spacemgmt_mailhost Tasks

TABLE 6-5 small spacenetsc_dhcp Tasks

TABLE 6-6 small spacenetsc_ipaddr Tasks

TABLE 6-7 small spacenetsc_ipgateway Tasks

TABLE 6-8 small spacenetsc_ipnetmask Tasks

TABLE 6-9 small spacenetsc_tpelinktest Tasks

TABLE 6-10 small spacesc_backuserdata Tasks

TABLE 6-11 small spacesc_clieventlevel Tasks

TABLE 6-12 small spacesc_cliprompt Tasks

TABLE 6-13 small spacesc_clitimeout Tasks

TABLE 6-14 small spacesc_passwdecho Tasks

TABLE 6-15 small spacesc_customerinfo Tasks

TABLE 6-16 small spacesc_escapechars Tasks

TABLE 6-17 small spacesc_powerondelay Tasks

TABLE 6-18 small spacesc_powerstatememory Tasks

TABLE 6-19 small spacesys_autorestart Tasks

TABLE 6-20 small spacesys_bootfailrecovery Tasks

TABLE 6-21 small spacesys_bootrestart Tasks

TABLE 6-22 small spacesys_boottimeout Tasks

TABLE 6-23 small spacesys_eventlevel Tasks

TABLE 6-24 small spacesys_maxbootfail Tasks

TABLE 6-25 small spacesys_wdttimeout Tasks

TABLE 6-26 small spacesys_xirtimeout Tasks

TABLE 7-1 small spaceList of scadm Commands

TABLE 7-2 small spacescadm date Command Options

TABLE 7-3 small spacescadm userperm Permission Levels

TABLE A-1 small spaceModem Troubleshooting

TABLE A-2 small spaceALOM Diagnostics

TABLE A-3 small spaceUsage Error Messages

TABLE A-4 small spaceGeneral Error Messages

TABLE A-5 small spaceFRU Error Messages

TABLE A-6 small spacescadm Error Messages

TABLE B-1 small spaceError Messages for the Watchdog Timer