Solstice AdminSuite 2.3 Administration Guide

How to Delete a Printer From a Print Server (If No Name Service)

  1. Start Printer Manager.

    You can log in on any system on the network to delete a printer from a print server. Select None as the name service and change the host name to the name of the print server.

    For detailed information about starting Printer Manager, see the procedure on "How to Start Printer Manager".

  2. Select the printer to be deleted from the scrolling list in the Printer Manager main window.

  3. Select Delete from the Edit menu.

    The Warning window is displayed. It contains a prompt asking you to verify that you really want to delete the printer.

  4. Click on OK.

    The printer is deleted from the print server's /etc/printers.conf file and /etc/lp directory.


Verify that the printer has been deleted from the print server by making sure that the printer is not listed in the Printer Manager main window.