Solstice AdminSuite 2.3 Administration Guide

SPARC: How to Display Existing Boot Device Values on Sun-4 Systems

This procedure describes how to display the current boot device values, if you need to record them before changing them.

  1. Display the values of the system's current booting devices.

    > q18

    The system displays the first EEPROM value.

  2. Write down the EEPROM number and value.

    For example, you might see EEPROM 018:12?. The EEPROM number is 018 and the value is 12.

  3. Press Return to display the next value.

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the last value is displayed.

    The last value is 00.

  5. Quit the EEPROM display mode.

    EEPROM 01B: 00? q

Example of Displaying Existing Boot Device Values on Sun-4 Systems

> q18
EEPROM 018: 12?
EEPROM 019: 69?
EEPROM 01A: 65?
EEPROM 01B: 00? q

Entering q18 and pressing Return three times displays the three values. You should retain this information. The last q entry returns you to the > prompt.