Sun Management Center 3.5 Performance Reporting Manager User's Guide

Setting Up Performance Reporting Manager

After installation is complete, you must run the Performance Reporting Manager setup script to configure the server and agent layers.

To Set Up Performance Reporting Manager Individually

Note –

This procedure assumes that you chose not to set up Performance Reporting Manager at the end of the installation process.

  1. Run the Sun Management Center 3.5 setup script as superuser (su -). Choose one of the following options:

    • To run setup on all components that are not yet set up, type:

      # /opt/SUNWsymon/sbin/es-setup
    • To run setup on the Performance Reporting Manager add-on software only, type:

      # /opt/SUNWsymon/sbin/es-setup -p PRM

    where /opt is the directory in which Sun Management Center 3.5 is installed. Substitute the name of the actual directory if it is different on your system.

  2. When asked, choose the configuration size. Provide three data file locations.

    During the server setup, you are given three different configuration choices based on the number of agent machines and data properties you will monitor. You are prompted three times for data file locations. While you can enter the same directory three times, try to use three different directories located on three different filesystems. This separation reduces disk I/O contention and results in better product performance.

    The space required depends upon the size of the configuration you choose during setup. The data file locations require disk space as listed in the following table.

    Table B–1 Data Directory Sizes For Server Layer

    Configuration Size 

    First Directory Size 

    Second Directory Size 

    Third Directory Size 


    2048 MB 

    1536 MB 

    1536 MB 


    5120 MB 

    4096 MB 

    3072 MB 


    8192 MB 

    7168 MB 

    7168 MB 

If you need to run the Performance Reporting Manager setup script again at any time, use this procedure to start the script.