Sun Management Center 3.5 Performance Reporting Manager User's Guide


custom report

A report you create by choosing the report specifications from the options given in the report template. The choices are saved to a report request, which is used to generate the report when needed.

data collection service

A service on the server layer that collects data from the agent machines and stores the data in the database on the server.

group logging

The ability to log the same set of data properties on a group of agent machines. Group logging is part of the Manage Jobs features of Sun Management Center 3.5 that Performance Reporting Manager uses.

history logging

The ability to log data that is part of Sun Management Center 3.5. Logged data is collected and stored in the history log files that are located on the agent machine. This data is used in reports created with Performance Reporting Manager.

hourly data

Data that has been summarized, or rolled-up, every hour.

lock icon

A lock symbol that is added to all standard report icons as a reminder that the report specifications are predefined, and cannot be changed.

logging component

A component on agent machines that is added as part of the Performance Reporting Manager installation to perform logging of system data properties.

module instance

An entry in the Property Chooser dialog box when adding data properties to a custom performance report request. The module instance is required only for multi-instance modules, for example, File Monitoring or Directory Monitoring.

performance report

A report that is designed to track properties that are numerical and that change over time.

property instance

An instance name given to the data property that is being logged. A property instance can be a required entry in the Select Data Properties dialog box when adding data properties to a custom performance report request.

raw data

Data that is logged in the history log files located on the agent machines. Raw data is retained on the agent machine for eight days. The data is summarized, or rolled-up, before it is purged.

Report Manager

The graphical user interface in Performance Reporting Manager from which you manage all report activity. Report Manager is linked to the Sun Management Center 3.5 Java console only.

report request

Contains the saved report specifications that define the scope and nature of the report. A report request is used to generate any report.

report template

A form included with Performance Reporting Manager that guides you through the choices when creating your own custom report request. Several report templates are provided, each specific to the type of report request being created. The correct template is automatically displayed, depending upon the report type selected from the File menu.

roll-up data

Data that has been summarized. All data is summarized, or rolled-up, before it is purged.

server context

A Sun Management Center sever layer and its associated agents.

standard report

A report whose report request is included with the product, and whose report specifications are predefined. The report specifications in a standard report request cannot be changed.

system configuration report

A report that provides data that details the state of the configuration on a machine.

topology view

The view that displays the members of the object selected in the hierarchy view.