Sun Management Center 3.5 Performance Reporting Manager User's Guide

Raw Data

Raw data is the term given to data that is logged in the history log files located on the agent machines. The ability to log raw data is a feature of Sun Management Center 3.5 base product. This data can be logged either on a single machine or on a group of machines by using the grouping capability. If you use the grouping capability, the data is logged at the time interval that you specify. For more information about the grouping capability, see Data Properties, and “Managing Group-related Jobs” in Sun Management Center 3.5 User's Guide.

Raw data is retained on the agent machine for eight days. This limit is necessary because the total volume of raw data is very large. Data is purged after eight days. For example, on the ninth day, the first day of raw data is purged from the agent machine. At any given time on the agent machine, the last eight days of raw data is available. Before this data is purged, summary records are preserved. For more information regarding this process, see Roll-up Process.