Solaris Resource Manager 1.3 System Administration Guide

Using limdaemon

By default, limdaemon logs messages using syslog(3C). A timestamp is included on messages.

limdaemon has several options that can be configured when it is started:

In the following example, the limdaemon command:

% limdaemon -g300 

starts the daemon and sets the grace time to 5 minutes. Note that it is not necessary to follow the command with a shell '&' character. When limdaemon is started, it makes itself into a daemon. That is, a child process is forked that detaches itself from the controlling terminal, placing itself in a process group of its own.

The administrator should determine the balance needed between the additional overhead incurred for rapid updating of connect-time usage attributes, and the greater granularity that will appear with less frequent updating. See the limdaemon(1MSRM) man page for more information on these and other options.