Solaris Resource Manager 1.3 System Administration Guide

srmidle Lnode

The idle lnode (srmidle) is the lnode assigned by the central administrator to charge for all the kernel's idle CPU costs. At installation, srmidle was created with a UID of 41. The srmidle lnode should have zero shares, to ensure that the processes attached to it are run only when no other processes are active. The srmidle lnode is assigned using the srmadm command.

At boot time, the default idle lnode is the root lnode. At transition to multi-user mode, the init.d script will set the idle lnode to that of the account srmidle if such an account exists. This behavior can be customized by specifying a different lnode to use in the /etc/init.d/init.srm script.

If the idle lnode is not root, then it must be a direct child of root.