Solaris Resource Manager 1.3 System Administration Guide

srmlost Lnode

Under Solaris Resource Manager, the setuid(2SRM) system call has the side effect of attaching the calling process to a new lnode. If the change of attachment fails, typically because the new lnode does not exist, the process is attached instead to the lost lnode (srmlost), which was created when you installed Solaris Resource Manager. If this attachment also fails or no srmlost lnode has been nominated, then the setuid function is unaffected and the process continues on its current lnode.

The init.srm script sets the srmlost lnode during the transition to multi-user mode. This behavior can be overridden by specifying an lnode to use in the /etc/init.d/init.srm file. To avoid security breaches, the srmlost lnode should have a CPU share of 1, and no special privileges. If you alter the values, consider the requirements for this user when making the change.

The srmlost lnode was created with a UID of 42.