Solaris Resource Manager 1.3 System Administration Guide

Connect-Time Loss by limdaemon

If limdaemon terminates for any reason, all users currently logged in cease to be charged for any connect-time usage. Furthermore, when limdaemon is restarted, any users logged in will continue to use those terminals free of charge. This is because the daemon relies on login notifications from login to establish a Solaris Resource Manager login session record within the internal structures it uses to calculate connect-time usages. Therefore, whenever it starts, there are no Solaris Resource Manager login sessions established until the first notification is received.

Typically this will not be a problem if limdaemon terminated due to a system crash, since the crash will also cause other processes to terminate. Login sessions would then not be able to recommence until the system is restarted.

If limdaemon terminates for some other reason, the administrator has two choices:

  1. Restart the daemon immediately, and ignore the lost charging of terminal connect-time for users who are already logged in. This could mean that a user has free use of a terminal indefinitely unless identified and logged out.

  2. Bring the system back to single-user mode then return to multi-user mode, thus ensuring that all current login sessions are terminated and users can only log in again after the daemon has been restarted.