Solaris Resource Manager 1.3 System Administration Guide

The limreport Command

The limreport(1SRM) command always reports values in their raw (unscaled) form. If scaled values are required, the conversion must be stated explicitly in the expression used to display the value. For example, to display total virtual memory usage for all users in kilobytes, rounded up to the nearest kilobyte:

# limreport 'flag.real' '%-8.8s %d KB\n' lname '(memory.usage+1k-1)/1k' 

As this example demonstrates, you can use the scaling suffixes on numbers in expressions, which simplifies the conversion of raw units to scaled values.

Note that the internal units for some attributes are not the same as their 'raw' form. Normally, this does not concern the user because all the Solaris Resource Manager programs carry out conversion to scaled units or raw units. However, it does mean that, for example, select-expressions in limreport that specify an exact match on a number of bytes will always fail to match if a number is specified that is not an integral multiple of the relevant internal unit.