Solaris Resource Manager 1.3 System Administration Guide

Copying and Removing Lnodes

The command:

# limreport 'uid==X' - Y preserve | limadm set -u -f -

will copy an lnode from UID X to UID Y. The expression uid==X provides the method for selecting the source lnode. The preserve identifier causes limreport to output all attribute values that are not read-only in a syntax that is suitable to pass to limadm. Placing the UID Y prior to the preserve identifier causes this to be the first item in the data passed to the limadm, thus providing the selection of the target lnode.

If the source lnode is no longer required, it can be removed using limadm.

Note -

Be careful when using a match by UID as the limreport selection expression. If multiple login names share a UID, they will all be matched. In the example above, this would not matter; the same lnode data will be preserved and loaded multiple times. In the Solaris environment, UID 0 has login names of both root and smtp.