Solaris Resource Manager 1.3 System Administration Guide

Tuning Operation Intervals

You can tune the intervals for the periodic operations performed by rcapd. To reset intervals, use the -i option.

# rcapadm -i interval=value,...,interval=value 

All intervals are specified in seconds. The intervals and their default values are described in the following table.


Default Value in Seconds 




Rate at which rcapd scans for new processes. Minimum value is 1 second.


Rate of process resident set size sampling. Minimum value is 1 second. 



Rate at which paging statistics are updated by rcapd for rcapstat. If set to 0, statistics will not be updated.



Rate of reconfiguration. In a reconfiguration event, rcapd checks its configuration file for updates, and scans lnode (limits) databases or project databases for new lnode or project caps, or new collections.

If the interval specified to rcapstat is shorter than the interval specified to rcapd (with rcapadm(1MSRM)), the output for some intervals can be zero. This is because rcapd does not update statistics more frequently than the interval specified with rcapadm, and this interval is independent of, and less precise than, the sampling interval used by rcapstat.