Solaris Container Manager 1.1 Release Notes

Existing Projects on Solaris 8 OS Might Be Discovered as Application-Based Container (5026619)

On a Solaris 8 system with Container Manager installed, projects might exist in the /etc/project file with project names that do not conform with the naming convention (user.username). These project are discovered as an application-type container. This assignment can be confirmed in the properties sheet for the container.

If an lnode of username and a project name of user.username exist for this project, the container is identified as a user-based container. The container then functions normally in Container Manager.

If no lnode is associated with this project, you can deactivate the project. The entry in the /etc/project database is deleted. If you subsequently attempt to activate the container, the following error message is displayed:

There was an error while activating the Container.
Container activation failed.

Workaround: To re-create the container definition through Container Manager, perform the following steps:

  1. Delete the container definition.

  2. Re-create the container definition through Container Manager.