Solaris Container Manager 1.1 Release Notes

Container Manager Issues

These runtime issues might occur in the Solaris Container Manager 1.1 software.

CLI Installation of Solaris Container Manager 1.1 Is Not Translated

If you use the command line interface (CLI) version of the Solaris Container Manager 1.1 installation, it is only available in English. This version is not translated. The English language aspect does not affect the installation process or functionality.

Workaround: To perform the installation in your locale, use the GUI installation (es-guiinst) and setup (es-guisetup).

Container Name Character Counts Disagree in New Container Wizard

If you reference the Help in the New Container wizard for the Name field, the maximum character count is 64. This count is incorrect. The maximum number of characters for the Name field is 32, as noted in the field help and the error message.

Utilization Graph Image Titles and Headings Appear in English

If you choose a locale other than English, the title and headings of the Utilization Graph image appear in English. These values are not localized.

SPARC: Extended Accounting Feature Is Disabled in Solaris 8 Release

The Extended Accounting feature is disabled in Container Manager on systems that run the Solaris 8 OS. As a result, the Extended Accounting Data (Exacct) column of the CSV file for a container on a Solaris 8 system will be null.

Some Projects in the /etc/project Database Might Not Be Discovered by Container Manager

If a project in an agent host's /etc/project database has the same project ID as a project in the Sun Management Center database but has a different project name, then the project will not be discovered by Container Manager. A unique project ID across all hosts in the same server context is a Container Manager requirement.

You should not use the projadd command to create projects. Use only Container Manager to manage projects.

Workaround: Delete the nondefault project that was created by the projadd command from the agent host's /etc/project database and create the container by using the New Container wizard in Container Manager.