SPARC Assembly Language Reference Manual

1.3 SPARC Assembler for SunOS 4.1 Versus SunOS 5.x

This section describes the differences between the SunOS 4.1 SPARC assembler and the SunOS 5.x SPARC assembler.

1.3.1 Labeling Format

1.3.2 Object File Format

The type of object files created by the SPARC assembler are ELF (Executable and Linking Format) files. These relocatable object files hold code and data suitable for linking with other object files to create an executable file or a shared object file, and are the assembler normal output.

1.3.3 Pseudo-Operations

See Appendix A, Pseudo-Operations for a detailed description of the pseudo-operations (pseudo-ops).

1.3.4 Command Line Options

See Appendix C, Using the Assembler Command Line for a detailed description of command line options and a list of SPARC architectures.