SPARC Assembly Language Reference Manual

2.3.4 Numbers

Decimal, hexadecimal, and octal numeric constants are recognized and are written as in the C language. However, integer suffixes (such as L) are not recognized.

For floating-point pseudo-operations, floating-point constants are written with 0r or 0R (where r or R means REAL) followed by a string acceptable to atof(3); that is, an optional sign followed by a non-empty string of digits with optional decimal point and optional exponent.

The special names 0rnan and 0rinf represent the special floating-point values Not-A-Number (NaN) and INFinity. Negative Not-A-Number and Negative INFinity are specified as 0r-nan and 0r-inf.

Note –

The names of these floating-point constants begin with the digit zero, not the letter “O.”