Multithreaded Programming Guide

Destroying a Spin Lock

Use the pthread_spin_destroy(3C) function to destroy a spin lock and release any resources used by the lock.

pthread_spin_destroy() Syntax

int  pthread_spin_destroy(pthread_spinlock_t *lock);
#include <pthread.h>

pthread_spinlock_t lock;
int ret;

ret = pthread_spin_destroy(&lock); /* spinlock is destroyed */

The effect of subsequent use of the lock is undefined until the lock is reinitialized by another call to pthread_spin_init(). The results are undefined if pthread_spin_destroy() is called when a thread holds the lock, or if this function is called with an uninitialized thread spin lock.

pthread_spin_destroy() Return Values



The system has detected an attempt to initialize or destroy a spin lock while the lock is in use (for example, while being used in a pthread_spin_lock() call) by another thread.



The value specified by lock is invalid.