Multithreaded Programming Guide

thr_keycreate Syntax

#include <thread.h>

int thr_keycreate(thread_key_t *keyp,
    void (*destructor) (void *value));

keyp independently maintains specific values for each binding thread. Each thread is initially bound to a private element of keyp that allows access to its thread-specific data. Upon key creation, a new key is assigned the value NULL for all active threads. Additionally, upon thread creation, all previously created keys in the new thread are assigned the value NULL.

An optional destructor function can be associated with each keyp. Upon thread exit, if a keyp has a non-NULL destructor and the thread has a non-NULL value associated with keyp , the destructor is called with the currently associated value. If more than one destructor exists for a thread when it exits, the order of destructor calls is unspecified.