Multithreaded Programming Guide

thr_setprio Syntax

thr_setprio(3C) changes the priority of the thread, specified by tid, within the current process to the priority specified by newprio. For POSIX threads, see pthread_setschedparam Syntax.

#include <thread.h>

int thr_setprio(thread_t tid, int newprio)

The range of valid priorities for a thread depends on its scheduling policy.

thread_t tid;
int ret;
int newprio = 20;

/* suspended thread creation */
ret = thr_create(NULL, NULL, func, arg, THR_SUSPENDED, &tid);

/* set the new priority of suspended child thread */
ret = thr_setprio(tid, newprio);

/* suspended child thread starts executing with new priority */
ret = thr_continue(tid);