Multithreaded Programming Guide

Unlock a Read-Write Lock

Use rw_unlock(3C) to unlock a read-write lock pointed to by rwlp.

rw_unlock Syntax

#include <synch.h>  (or #include <thread.h>)

int rw_unlock(rwlock_t *rwlp);

The read-write lock must be locked, and the calling thread must hold the lock either for reading or writing. When any other threads are waiting for the read-write lock to become available, one of the threads is unblocked. For POSIX threads, see pthread_rwlock_unlock Syntax.

rw_unlock Return Values

rw_unlock() returns zero after completing successfully. Any other return value indicates that an error occurred. When any of the following conditions occurs, the function fails and returns the corresponding value.



Invalid argument.



rwlp points to an illegal address.