Solaris ZFS Administration Guide

GZIP Compression is Available for ZFS

Solaris Express Community Edition, build 62: In this Solaris release, you can set gzip compression on ZFS file systems in addition to lzjb compression. You can specify compression as gzip, the default, or gzip-N, where N equals 1 through 9. For example:

# zfs create -o compression=gzip users/home/snapshots
# zfs get compression users/home/snapshots
NAME                  PROPERTY     VALUE            SOURCE
users/home/snapshots  compression  gzip             local
# zfs create -o compression=gzip-9 users/home/oldfiles
# zfs get compression users/home/oldfiles
NAME                  PROPERTY     VALUE           SOURCE
users/home/oldfiles   compression  gzip-9          local

For more information about setting ZFS properties, see Setting ZFS Properties.