System Administration Guide: Network Services

Configuring an NFS Version 4 Default Domain in the Solaris 10 Release

In the initial Solaris 10 release of NFS version 4, if your network includes multiple DNS domains, but only has a single UID and GID namespace, all clients must use one value for NFSMAPID_DOMAIN. For sites that use DNS, nfsmapid resolves this issue by obtaining the domain name from the value that you assigned to _nfsv4idmapdomain. For more information, see nfsmapid and DNS TXT Records. If your network is not configured to use DNS, during the first system boot the Solaris OS uses the sysidconfig(1M) utility to provide the following prompts for an NFS version 4 domain name:

This system is configured with NFS version 4, which uses a 
domain name that is automatically derived from the system's 
name services. The derived domain name is sufficient for most 
configurations. In a few cases, mounts that cross different 
domains might cause files to be owned by nobody due to the 
lack of a common domain name.

Do you need to override the system's default NFS verion 4 domain 
name (yes/no)? [no]

The default response is [no]. If you choose [no], you see the following:

For more information about how the NFS version 4 default domain name is 
derived and its impact, refer to the man pages for nfsmapid(1M) and 
nfs(4), and the System Administration Guide: Network Services.

If you choose [yes], you see this prompt:

Enter the domain to be used as the NFS version 4 domain name.
NFS version 4 domain name []:

Note –

If a value for NFSMAPID_DOMAIN exists in /etc/default/nfs, the [domain_name] that you provide overrides that value.