System Administration Guide: Network Services

add-share Subcommand

After creating a share group, use this subcommand to add shares to the group. A share is a path to a file or a directory. Note that a share can exist in one group only. If you try to add a share to another group, you will get an error message.

This subcommand supports the following options:


Checks the validity of the command-line string.


Specifies the path to the share, which is a file or a directory.


Specifies that the share is transient. Transient shares are automatically removed from the group when you reboot the system or use the disable or stop subcommands.


Adds descriptive text about the share.


Assigns the share a resource name that identifies the share. Note that the resource name only uses alphanumeric characters, the hyphen (-), and the underscore (_). The first character in the name must be alphabetic.


Provides an online-help description.

This subcommand uses the following syntax:

# sharemgr add-share [-h] [-n] -s share-path [-t] [-d description] [-r resource-name] share_group

The following example adds the shares /export/home/home0 and /export/home/home1 to my_group.

example# sharemgr add-share -s /export/home/home0 my_group
example# sharemgr add-share -s /export/home/home1 my_group