System Administration Guide: Network Services

showmount Command

This command displays one of the following:

Note –

The showmount command only shows NFS version 2 and version 3 exports. This command does not show NFS version 4 exports.

The command syntax is as follows:

showmount [ -ade ] [ hostname ]


Prints a list of all the remote mounts. Each entry includes the client name and the directory.


Prints a list of the directories that are remotely mounted by clients.


Prints a list of the files that are shared or are exported.


Selects the NFS server to gather the information from.

If hostname is not specified, the local host is queried.

The following command lists all clients and the local directories that the clients have mounted:

# showmount -a bee

The following command lists the directories that have been mounted:

# showmount -d bee

The following command lists file systems that have been shared:

# showmount -e bee
/usr/src								(everyone)
/export/share/man					eng