System Administration Guide: Network Services

Large Files

Starting with the Solaris 2.6 release, the Solaris OS supports files that are over 2 Gbytes. By default, UFS file systems are mounted with the -largefiles option to support the new capability. Previous releases cannot handle files of this size. See How to Disable Large Files on an NFS Server for instructions.

If the server's file system is mounted with the -largefiles option, a Solaris 2.6 NFS client can access large files without the need for changes. However, not all Solaris 2.6 commands can handle these large files. See largefile(5) for a list of the commands that can handle the large files. Clients that cannot support the NFS version 3 protocol with the large file extensions cannot access any large files. Although clients that run the Solaris 2.5 release can use the NFS version 3 protocol, large file support was not included in that release.