System Administration Guide: Network Services

nfslogd Daemon

This daemon provides operational logging. NFS operations that are logged against a server are based on the configuration options that are defined in /etc/default/nfslogd. When NFS server logging is enabled, records of all RPC operations on a selected file system are written to a buffer file by the kernel. Then nfslogd postprocesses these requests. The name service switch is used to help map UIDs to logins and IP addresses to host names. The number is recorded if no match can be found through the identified name services.

Mapping of file handles to path names is also handled by nfslogd. The daemon tracks these mappings in a file-handle-to-path mapping table. One mapping table exists for each tag that is identified in /etc/nfs/nfslogd. After post-processing, the records are written to ASCII log files.

Note –

NFS version 4 does not use this daemon.