Developer's Guide to Oracle Solaris Security

PKCS #11 Functions: C_Initialize()

C_Initialize() initializes the PKCS #11 library. C_Initialize() uses the following syntax:

C_Initialize(CK_VOID_PTR pInitArgs);

pInitArgs is either the null value NULL_PTR or else a pointer to a CK_C_INITIALIZE_ARGS structure. With NULL_PTR, the library uses the Oracle Solaris mutexes as locking primitives to arbitrate the access to internal shared structures between multiple threads. Note that the Oracle Solaris cryptographic framework does not accept mutexes. Because this implementation of the cryptoki library handles multithreading safely and efficiently, using NULL_PTR is recommended. An application can also use pInitArgs to set flags such as CKF_LIBRARY_CANT_CREATE_OS_THREADS. C_Finalize() signals that the application is through with the PKCS #11 library.

Note –

C_Finalize() should never be called by libraries. By convention, applications are responsible for calling C_Finalize() to close out a session.

In addition to CKR_FUNCTION_FAILED, CKR_GENERAL_ERROR, CKR_HOST_MEMORY, and CKR_OK, C_Initialize() uses the following return values: